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Our Team

Meet Calvin Simmons
Executive Producer

As a show runner and director for national television series, Calvin has worked with major stars including Jamie Foxx, Simon Cowell, Tyra Banks, Dr. Phil, Howie Mandell, Sheryl Crow, and the Dixie Chicks just to name a few. Calvin also holds a deep passion for real estate having rehabbed homes in California, Texas and Florida. One night while watching a show about real estate on TV, Cal had a question: why aren’t we using video to buy and sell our houses? Show House TV was born that night, and Calvin is excited to watch Show House grow and put thousands of folks into the home of their dreams.

Meet Sara Scala
Supervising Producer

Sara has produced unscripted and documentary programming, advertising, promotion, branded content, social media and mass scale corporate communications for clients up and down the Eastern seaboard. Her resume includes creating content for a dozen major networks including HGTV and DIY. She’s told the stories of homeowners selling their first home, spouses surprising each other with renovations, investors flipping homes for sale and for rent, 1800s stone houses being restored back to their original beauty, and even the guitarist from Limp Bizkit buying a run-down mansion and turning it into a home.